Education as a means toward opportunity

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As a small non-profit, the need for quality volunteers is always great. If you would like to be a part of our work of Creating Hope and Opportunity Through Education,  please contact Jonathan Jackson Executive Director, at

There are a number of important ways that you can get involved with Palmer Scholars:
2–Offer an internship
3–Be a donor
4–Underwrite a Palmer Scholarship
5–Serve on a Palmer Scholars committee
6–Be a sponsor for Stand Up and Cheer or be a Table Captain for this major Palmer Scholar fund raising event
7–Be a reader for our applications
8–Apply to be a board member

The Foundation on which Palmer Scholars is built and continually achieves is our Mentor Program that brings our Scholars in touch with accomplished role models. Our mentors are trained so they are prepared to deal with situations that arise when a Scholar is pursuing their post-secondary education. They are the support that a Scholar turns to during times of hardship and celebration.

Mentors go through Mentor Training where they learn about their Scholar’s expectations of their post-secondary education, how to help their student deal with poor grades, social-academic balancing, time management and other situations. Mentors are expected to be in contact with their Scholars throughout the year so they can help prevent situations from arising, and give them support during this time of learning and exploration. Mentors are a crucial part of the support system the Palmer Scholars family offers, and they are  vital to each Scholar’s success.

By providing an internship to one of our Scholars you are helping them connect what they have learned in the classroom to the real world. Internships are great opportunities for Scholars to excel and businesses to gain new ideas and points of view.

Job shadowing is meant to open a Scholar's eyes to the variety of different work places and jobs. By providing a job shadow to one of our Scholars you are helping them discover the right path for their success.

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Sinai Gonzalez
Class of 2013

Mentoring is a personal relationship that kind of brings in the best values of the foundation. But, you see it lived firsthand in your relationship with the student as they matriculate through college.  And I've probably mentored 6 students in the last 15, 20 years and the personal relationship is the most valuable part of it.  I gain more out of the relationship than I think the mentee does.

-Brian Burkes; Former Palmer Scholars mentor and Board member

Palmer Scholars is about creating hope and opportunity through education.  I am living proof of that.  For me it's time to now make that circle complete by now creating hope and opportunity through education in someone else's life.

-Megan Saffold, Former Palmer Scholar and now a Palmer Scholars mentor