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Serving the Whole Scholar

At Palmer Scholars, we recognize our Scholars cannot succeed in the classroom or in the workplace if they do not have their basic needs met at home. Our “Whole Scholar” model is a holistic approach that provides opportunities for our committed staff, board, and community volunteers to support Scholars in most all areas of life, beyond what is generally encapsulated in college access or workforce development programs.  

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting underrepresented Pierce County students of color to overcome financial, cultural, and social barriers in their pursuit of higher education. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is for our students to succeed in graduating from college with the essential tools to be catalysts for change and leaders in our community.

Our Values

Personal Growth - We encourage our Scholars to step out of their comfort zone and seek their true potential.

Relationships - We foster relationships and embrace meaningful connections.  

Leadership - We are dedicated to producing critical learners and global citizens.

Community Responsibility - We are committed to serving Pierce County students, schools, community members, and organizations. 

Advocacy - We promote agency and equity for our Scholars.  

Family - We believe in creating a safe and welcoming space for all.  

Access - We encourage each Scholar to find their “right fit pathway” by exposing them to a wide variety of education and employment opportunities 

As an educator and advocate, I love being part of Palmer Scholars. The organization embraces low income youth of color who see education as their path to fulfilling their dreams for themselves and their families. It motivates me to want to include everyone I meet (just ask people who know me) to join the Palmer vision by helping to fund  our mission. Asking for your financial support is easy because the outcomes are so gratifying!

We change lives!  - Steve Schain, PhD         


Our Commitment to Equity

At Palmer Scholars, we acknowledge and celebrate our similarities and differences as active community members in Pierce County. We are dedicated to promoting agency and equity for our Scholars in their journey of becoming critical learners, community leaders, and global citizens. We value self-worth and the importance of personal development through accountability, leadership, goal planning, empowerment, and community service.  At Palmer Scholars, we strive to foster an environment that is open, engaged, equitable and is respectful of all identities based on age, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. We believe in representing diversity and inclusivity with our Board Members, staff, mentors, volunteers, and Scholars. 

Our Mission
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