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Mentors are a Crucial Part of the Support System

We pair our Scholars with a trained, caring adult mentor in the months before they head off to their postsecondary program.  Mentors are a crucial part of the support system we strive to surround our Scholars with, and they are vital to each Scholar’s success. We are actively looking for community leaders who would like to volunteer as a Mentor for one of our Scholars!

Who are Palmer Scholars?

Palmer Scholars operates two programs: the Legacy Program and Palmer Pathways. 

Legacy Program Scholars are high school seniors who will a 2- or 4-year program or pre-apprenticeship.
Palmer Pathways Scholars are 18 to 26-year-olds who will enter a technical program or career in the trades.

Who is a Palmer Scholar Mentor?

Culturally aware

At least 21 years old

Clean criminal history

Legacy Mentor: Achieved a postsecondary degree (other experience may substitute)

Palmer Pathways Mentor: Completed a degree, certificate program, apprenticeship, or has professional experience in the trades


What does a Palmer Scholar Mentor do?

Provides advocacy, resources, support, and friendship

Helps Scholar navigate postsecondary education

Connects Scholar to networking, personal and/or career development opportunities

Holds a Scholar accountable

Cultivates and fosters the mentoring relationship

What is the commitment?     

Attend an initial interview and complete mentor training online and in-person (~5 hours)

Attend a mentor match event to meet your Scholar and kick off the match (2.5 hours) 


Palmer Legacy Program:

  • Option 1: Be matched with a college-bound high school senior during the fall of the Scholar’s senior year of high school.  Support that Scholar through the college application and enrollment process and throughout their postsecondary education (3 year commitment)

  • Option 2: Be matched with a college-aged Scholar at any time during their postsecondary education.  Support that Scholar through the completion of their education (1-4 year commitment)

Palmer Pathways Program:

Be matched with a Scholar aged 16-24 who is interested in pursuing a career in the trades.  Support that Scholar for a minimum of 1 year through the process of enrolling in a program to pursue their chosen path—2-year degree, certificate, apprenticeship, etc.—and the initial stages of post-secondary education.


​Interact with the Scholar at least twice a month (phone, text, email, skype, meeting, etc.) and at least once per quarter in-person.

Palmer Scholars is about creating hope and opportunity through education.  I am living proof of that.  For me it's time to now make that circle complete by now creating hope and opportunity through education in someone else's life.
-Megan Saffold, Former Palmer Scholar and now a Palmer Scholars mentor

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