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Fit4Me was developed by the Palmer Pathways program to identify all aspects of planning career and education journeys. This program serves young adults of color between the ages of 16-24 who are disconnected from education or gainful employment and have an interest in learning how to take the next steps for their future. Topics include understanding your personal brand; sharpening your employability skills; money management; and more.  This free program provides virtual youth development training modules, mentoring, certificates of completion, connections to industry professionals, and ongoing support services to fit4me scholars.

Trying to Figure Out Your Next Step?

Career Exploration and Preparation, Mentorship & Personal Development,

Leadership Development, Paid Work Experience, Financial Assistance

Why Join Palmer Fit-4-Me?

Palmer Fit4Me provides you with online self-paced courses that fill in the missing piece you need to be successful in the career of your choice. You will learn the skills needed to be a competitive candidate, receive financial support for educational programs, gaining access to network connections with industry leaders, and have a committed team supporting you each step of the way. 

What are the Program Requirements?

To be eligible, prospective Fit-4-Me Scholars must:

  • Be 16-24 years old

  • Be a Pierce County resident

  • Identify as a person of color

  • Be committed to completing self-paced online learning, and maintain consistent communication with the Palmer Pathways team

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill Out an Interest Form


Step 2: Schedule a meeting with a staff member to go through the application process.

Step 3: Schedule an intake meeting to talk to someone on the Fit-4-Me team. We will work with you to get all necessary documents submitted.

What makes Palmer Fit-4-Me UNIQUE?

When we think about our future, how do we think about planning our future? Fit4Me was developed by the Palmer Pathways program to identify all aspects of planning career and education journeys. If you are missing one of the four elements, you will be missing information that will help you create the best fit for all aspects of your development and growth.




Lifestyle and Values: Values are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions. They help us to determine what is important to us (loyalty, compassion, humor, optimism, respect). Values are the motive behind every purposeful action. Lifestyle is the intersection of values and action: how we want to live our lives. Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: What we know, how we use our knowledge, and how well we can do something. Important to include here: Transferrable skills: things we do at work, school, home, volunteering, sports, etc. that involve skills that can be replicated in very different environments. Transferrable skills include both soft skills (things we inherently know) and tech skills (the things which we learn and apply to a task).

College/Career: how will we get where we are going? Does it require us to go to college, join the military, register for an apprenticeship, acquire certifications, or go directly into employment and work our way up? If you choose to go to college, what’s important to you for a campus? HBCU? No Greek System? Campus livability? Walkability? Safety? Diversity? School reputation? Degrees offered? Cost? Sports? So many of these elements tie directly into the last category, “Interests.”

Interests: what you are passionate about doing in this world, career, volunteerism, hobbies, etc. Interest is a feeling or emotion that causes attention to focus on an object, event, or process. Many times, this also involves curiosity.

These four elements will help you plan for your future, review where you are, and help you create new goals as your complete others on your life’s journey. We’ll be tying everything back into Fit4Me as we continue throughout this curriculum.  

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