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Our WHOLE SCHOLAR model, which recognizes that Scholars have lives, challenges,

and tribulations that exist outside of the classroom, has proven successful in helping our Scholars complete their postsecondary program and enter the workforce with the skills, knowledge, and network to be servant leaders in their communities. This is especially apparent in our Legacy and Pathways Programs.

LEGACY Program

Total Impact

Since 1983, we have served over 800 promising students of color from across pierce county.

College Retention

93% of college freshman from class of 2023 persisted to their second year.

Student Loans

85% of scholars took $5,000 or less in student loans in 2023. 

Scholarship Funding

In 2023, we awarded $345,750.70 in scholarship funds to Legacy Scholars.

College Graduates

15 Legacy Scholars graduated from college in 2023.

Program Graduates

87% of scholars graduated from the entire program in 2023. 

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Total Impact

In 2023, we served 50 talented Pathways Program Scholars. 

Job Security

87% of Pathways Program Scholars were placed in jobs in the first year of the program.

Cohort Retention

90% of enrolled Pathways Program Scholars completed Phase 1 of the program in 2023.

Income Growth

+54% increase in pre-program average hourly wage to post-program average hourly wage. 

Supportive Services

Pathways Program Scholars were awarded $25k+ in work attire, stipends, rental assistance, gas cards. and care packages in 2023.

Comprehensive Support

100% of Pathways Scholars receive a supportive service in this program.

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Our Work is Far from Done

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