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Our Impact

Our “Whole Scholar” model, which recognizes that Scholars have lives, challenges,

and tribulations that exist outside of the classroom, has proven successful in helping our Scholars complete their postsecondary program and enter the workforce with the skills, knowledge, and network to be servant leaders in their communities. To guide our work, we focus on a set of milestones and benchmarks that track our Scholars’ progress from the time they enter our program to the time they complete their postsecondary program.

Since 1983,

we have served over


promising students of color from across Pierce County 

Pic of Scholar interning.jpg

In the 2019-2020 academic year we served


121 current college Scholars

60 high school Scholars

11 Pathways Scholars 


in Student Loans

For the 2019-20 school year, 76% of our Scholars took out $0 in loans, with 90% taking out less than $5,000


Our all-time graduation rate for all Scholars served is


Nationally, according to the Pell Institute, this rate is just 11% for low-income first-generation students


For the class of 2015, the average loan amount at graduation was


Nationally, according to the College Board, the average student loan burden after a 4-year degree program is $38,500



of our Scholars graduate from high school with the tools and savvy they need to excel in their post-secondary programs, and are accepted into no less than 75% of the programs to which they apply


Palmer Pathways Outcomes

Pathways Demographics (3).png

Of all of the causes I support, Palmer Scholars is by far the nearest and dearest to my heart. As a first-generation college students and someone who could have been a Palmer Scholar myself, I know firsthand the importance of every step they take to ensure student success. I look forward to investing in the continued growth of this organization!  -Anonymous

The Palmer Difference

Outcomes Chart.png

Program Growth

Program Growth.png

Income Growth

Income Growth.png

Our Work is Far from Done...

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