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Palmer Scholars

We know there's still a lot to learn even after you've earned your degree. We're here to help by providing helpful resources and creating a community of support for Palmer Scholars alumni. 


Funding Grad School

Going to Grad School Series

Many scholarship and fellowship opportunities are available through the individual programs you apply for, but there’s no harm in casting your scholarship net far and wide. This online scholarship database has been featured on Shark Tank and has a mobile app version of easier searching.  


Therapist of Color Directory

Life After School Series

There is no shame in seeking help. Even if you feel your experiences aren’t “that bad,” therapy can be beneficial for anyone looking for an objective opinion. Finding a therapist who just “gets you” can also be an exhausting process. We’ve put together a growing directory of therapists of color in the Pierce County area to help.  


Crushing the GRE

Going to Grad School Series

Magoosh is a cheap GRE study program that provides comprehensive coverage of math, verbal, and analytical writing. For a 1 month premium at $129 or a 6 month premium at $149, users are able to self-study with a five point increase guarantee over your old score.  


Investing for Women and People of Color

Life After School Series

Palmer Scholar graduates leave their postsecondary program with 10 times less debt than the national average. It’s never too early to invest. Women and people of color often never receive any education on investing.  We are creating programs for alumni to learn more about investing! In the meantime, checkout this video!

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Considering Grad School

Going to Grad School Series

Adulting is scary. But don’t let the fear of adulting cause you to make the rash decision to jump into a graduate school program. Take a look at this flow chart to see if you’re going to graduate school for the right reason. Still not sure? Give us a call and we can help!


Starting Your Career on the Right Foot 

Life After School Series

Unfortunately, just as being a person of color brought unique challenges when it came to getting into and through your postsecondary program, finding a job can be just as difficult. Georgetown University put together a comprehensive list of resources for adults of color as they navigate finding a career. Need more help? Call us!

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