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Palmer Scholars Engage with the 2020 Census

With the help of Palmer Scholar Tyron, WSU students know that they count!

At Palmer Scholars, our vision is for our Scholars to succeed in graduating from college with the essential tools to be catalysts for change and leaders in our community. We don’t want a college degree to be a box for our Scholars to check, but rather an experience that shapes them to be global citizens. 2020 is a big year with the upcoming election and the 2020 Census. Now, more than ever before, it is integral for historically underrepresented communities to be counted. We thought our Scholars could help with that.

According to Evan Curtis, the state planning coordinator and co-chair of the Utah Complete Count Committee, “Young college students may be going off on their own for the first time, and when they see a postcard or a census worker and are asked to take the census, they may not understand that they’re supposed to take it where they’re living.” Instead, many college students assume that their parents or guardians back home will fill out the census for them.

As a result, young adults attending postsecondary institutions and living away from home often don’t get counted. Over the next few months, seven Scholars from the University of Washington Seattle, University of Washington Tacoma, Washington State University, and Central Washington University will be engaging students on their campus about the 2020 Census.

In this small way, Palmer Scholars are creating a brighter future through civic engagement.


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