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In the Words of a Scholar: Megan's Journey in Higher Education

Coming from a low-income family, pursuing a college education was always something I prioritized, but not something that always felt possible. When I committed to Saint Martin’s in the spring of 2016, it felt like my dreams were finally becoming a reality, but the cost of college was something that weighed heavily on my mind. Throughout college, there were even times where I feared I would have to leave, not because of poor performance, but simply because of cost. However, two of the most important things I have learned through Palmer Scholars are: be an advocate for yourself and do not be afraid to ask for help. My Palmer Scholar mentor helped me work with the financial aid office, and if it were not for her, I do not know if I would have stayed at St. Martin’s.

I will receive my Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science, and in Sociology/Cultural Anthropology this May- and this would not be possible if it weren’t for Palmer Scholars.

Many students pursuing a college education experience financial barriers. Yet for some students, the cost is just one aspect of marginalization we experience. Palmer Scholars' focus on students of color who are also often low-income, even first-generation, demonstrates their commitment to the youth of Tacoma, but also to equity in higher education more largely. Through the prioritization of those most marginalized, Palmer Scholars allow students to break generational cycles of oppression and truly become our ancestor’s wildest dreams. Through committing itself to access to higher education, Palmer Scholars creates a wealth of knowledge and experience that Scholars can later bring back and apply to the Tacoma area. In supporting Palmers Scholars, you are supporting the dreams and goals of youth such as myself and so many others, who truly embody this organization's motto of “Creating Hope and Opportunity Through Education."

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