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Palmer Scholars Celebrates 48 Graduates

Palmer Scholars recently celebrated the graduation of 29 high school Scholars and 19 postsecondary Scholars. Having persevered through a difficult and trying year, all 48 Scholars moved one step closer to their goal of a better life through higher education.

To commemorate the occasion, Palmer Scholars hosted a drive-through graduation at its new office located in Foss High School. Scholars were welcomed to a station decked out in graduation décor to take a picture with Palmer Scholars staff and receive a certificate and gift bag for their accomplishments.

“The class of 2021 holds a special place in my heart for multiple reasons,” Director of Scholar Support Farrington Cador said. “Our college scholars are the class that introduced me to mentorship within Palmer Scholars (My mentee Andrea Carcamo-Sanchez), and I got to work so closely with our high school graduates throughout their first 18 months as a Scholar! I am so very proud of the strides and accomplishments that our graduates have made and can only imagine what else they have in store for their futures! I’m very excited to be able to say, 'I knew them back when...!' Congratulations C/O 2021! You made it through a crazy time in our world & did it with flying colors! You can literally do anything!"

The graduating Scholars and their accompanying school are:

High School Scholars: Arman A. (SAMI)

Mariah B. (SAMI)

Benjamin B. (Foss)

Moriah B. (Foss)

David C. (Clover Park)

Pricila C.B. (Clover Park)

Abdul E. (Curtis)

Pedro E. (SAMI)

Aaliyah G. (SAMI)

Indigo H. (Wilson)

Tiana J. (Summit Olympus)

Kathleen J. (Harrison Prep)

Jolin L. (Washington)

Gladys M. (Clover Park)

Wemba O. (Spanaway Lake)

Jaycob P. (SAMI)

Giavanni P. (Lincoln)

Jamillia P. (Stadium)

Lakeysha R. (SAMI)

Eduardo S.S. (Franklin Pierce)

Arzak S. (Foss)

Odalys S. C. (Harrison Prep)

Nia S. (Stadium)

Kilisitina S. (Foss)

Ausha S. (SOTA)

Nazzavae S. (Franklin Pierce)

Exodus S. (Mount Tahoma)

Tracy T. (Lincoln)

Amira W. (Lincoln)

Postsecondary Scholars:

Vilma A.G. (University of Washington)

Andrea C.S. (University of Washington)

Isaiah C. (University of Washington)

Sabrina E. (University of Washington)

Shayla F. (Pacific Lutheran University)

Anna G. (University of Puget Sound)

Toelau G. (University of Washington)

Eli G.P. (University of Washington)

Victoria L.G. (University of Washington

Reece M. (University of Washington)

Jennifer N. (University of Washington)

Valeria P.C. (Washington University St. Louis & Pacific Lutheran University)

Carolina R.V. (University of Washington)

Sharae R. (University of Washington)

Abranna R.R. (Whitworth University)

Damian S. (Whitworth University)

Tuan T. (University of Puget Sound)

Shayla T. (University of Washington)

Tyreke W. (Western Washington University)

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