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Palmer Scholars to Host Virtual Fundraiser on April 19th

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

For the past two years, Palmer Scholars has hosted a virtual campaign in lieu of our in-person luncheon Stand Up & Cheer. To prioritize the health and safety of our Palmer Scholars family, we are once again opting to “Stay In” rather than “Stand Up” this year. On April 19th, Palmer Scholars will be hosting a virtual fundraiser, Stay In & Cheer. The 45-minute program will run from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM and will be livestreamed on the Palmer Scholars website as well as to YouTube and social media. With the theme “Wherever they start, whatever their path, we are committed,” guests will hear from Scholars and alumni of our program and learn about all we have accomplished since we were last together in person! Register for Stay In & Cheer today by going to

With a goal of raising $200,000, we are excited to announce that we have a $50,000 match! All donations of $100 or more will be matched dollar for dollar, meaning you can double the impact of your gift! 100% of funds raised at Stay In & Cheer will go towards supporting the Scholars and pre-apprentices Palmer Scholars serves each day. If you would like to make your donation early, you can do so by going to


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