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Celebrating a Powerful Partnership with the Black Future Co-op Fund

At Palmer Scholars, we are thrilled to highlight our enriching partnership with the Black Future Co-op Fund, which has significantly propelled our efforts to support the Black community in Washington. As a proud recipient of the We See You grant, our organization has been afforded the crucial capability to further our mission towards Black generational prosperity and well-being.

This year, thanks to the Black Future Co-op Fund, we received an additional $25,000, bringing our total support to $70,000. This funding boosts our core programs and initiatives that are specifically designed to empower and uplift. Over the next three years, our partnership will continue to flourish with an annual grant renewal of $10,000, ensuring sustained impact.

Our collaboration with the Black Future Co-op Fund not only fuels our ongoing projects but also inspires us to innovate and expand our reach. The support we've received allows us to maintain and enhance our offerings, from academic scholarships to mentorship and career guidance, all tailored to the unique needs of the Black scholars we serve.

We are profoundly grateful to T’wina Noble and the entire team at the Black Future Co-op Fund for their trust and commitment. It’s a privilege to work alongside such dedicated partners who are equally committed to nurturing and expanding community well-being.

We eagerly look forward to continuing this journey, filled with shared goals and mutual successes. To everyone at the Black Future Co-op Fund—thank you for seeing us, supporting us, and standing with us.

In partnership and gratitude,

The Palmer Scholars Dream Team

For more information about our programs and how we’re making a difference with the help of our community partners, visit our Website.


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